Pray....And Things Happen!
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Pray....And Things Happen!

February 2011

It Only Takes a Little...

     I believe it was Marcus Aurelius who said, "Remember this--that very little is needed to make a happy life."  Several thousands of years have passed and still this is pertinent to our lives today.  As I studied voluntary simplicity with a group of Friends (Quakers) in Washington state, I began to realize several things:      

     First, I am rich beyond compare!  I have more than enough of everything to meet my needs.      

     Next,  I have enough to give some away to help others.     

     Lastly, there is a never-ending supply flowing through me to sustain me always.      

     Once we take a personal inventory of all that we have both in this physical world and in the world of mind, soul and spirit, we cannot help but see the blessings bestowed on us.  If we have feelings of lack or limitation, then we haven't taken a close look at our assets.  "Seek and you shall find," invites us to examine every aspect of ourselves, our lives, and our relationships so that we may see for ourselves the wealth we enjoy.  It's not about looking for what we don't have, but for what we do have!      

     Any lack or limitation is in the past, and is over and done.  We are in the present moment wherein all our needs are met.  There is no good in worrying about the future, for we give that over to our Higher Power.  When my earthly mother was still alive, she was the Queen of Worrying.  Even as a teenager, I would offer to sit down and worry with her if she could prove it would do any good.  Of course, she couldn't, and none of us can!      

     Worry is wasted energy better focused on gratitude and thankfulness.  As we praise what we do have, our focused energy works to increase our store, and more is attracted to us.  When we emphasize or dwell on lack and limitation, then we bring more of that into our lives.      

     In A Course in Miracles, we are taught that it only takes our little willingness to receive miracles, and that God's will for us is perfect happiness.  When we are willing to focus on our blessings, we will see that it actually takes very little to make us happy!           

Peace and joy; how your spiritual path can be      DON'T WORRY...              BE HAPPY!    

Comings and Goings

Soul of the Moon
Stained glass by Rev. Richard Talley   Returning from our final days with Richard's brother Dr. Clarence Talley in Louisville, KY, has challenged both of us to examine our priorities. 
   As a sociology professor, a lover of life and a champion of social justice, Clarence inspired his family, his students, his colleagues, and everyone with whom he came in contact. One man from humble beginnings on a farm in the middle of Kansas, born to parents of different races, not always sure of his path in life....Clarence set an example of what one person can do to positively influence others.  With an easy-going manner and a smile always on his face, Dr. T. never waivered from his quest to improve the lot of oppressed people all over the world.  Through education, travel, and community service, he demonstrated how each of us has a ripple-in-the-pond effect on our world.  
   Bon voyage, my beautiful brother, and may we who are left behind for awhile follow in your footsteps of peace and progress.

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