Pray....And Things Happen!
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Pray....And Things Happen!

May 2011

Fear as an Obstacle to Spiritual Growth

This was posted on my Facebook wall, and I want to applaud and affirm the person who wrote it.  Fear is the strongest obstacle standing in the way of one's spiritual growth and unfoldment.

Fear is the greatest roadblock to spiritual growth. Be willing to examine your fears - the things you keep running from, the things that cause you anxiety or tension or guilt. They are indicators of the places where you can experience your greatest leap in enlightenment. Have faith to deal with them and you will blossom. (Sherri Lane)

Big Things, Small Packages

When I was eleven, I lived next door and went to school with a boy who had a serious liver disease.  Because of this lifelong condition he was small for his size, but being a collossal nerd didn't help his popularity at school either.  One time the kids were teasing him and he retorted, "Big things come in little packages!"  And he kept on being a scientifically gifted kid who appeared pretty happy to be himself while the rest of us suffered innumerable issues of self-esteem.

Suffer the little children to come; come as a child on your spiritual path
Only as an adult on a spiritual quest have I come to recognize the wisdom of his statement.  Life's little gifts are often those with the biggest impact...a giggle from a grandchild, the ball dropped at my feet by our big silly dog, the warm smiles of the oldsters at the nursing home when I sing for them. 

No, I haven't struck it rich in material ways, nor have I become wildly famous.  God has blessed my husband and I, though, with a continual onslaught of little packages that delight and enrich our lives.  This morning I heard a bird singing in the trees outside our bedroom window just before dawn.  It really outdid itself and delivered a performance that rivaled the greatest diva. 

Thank you, God, for small packages.  May I be worthy of all the blessings you send me daily.
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