I Am Willing To Let Go...
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I Am Willing To Let Go...

I can reach out--
I can reach out and heal.
I can grow myself up,
I can make myself real.
I can get through the pain.
I can turn deep within.
I can let go the reins...
I can let God in,
Let God in.

I am willing to let go...
I am willing to let go...
Willing to let go and let God heal my heart,
Willing to let God heal my soul, heal my soul, heal my soul.

I am willing to be whole,
I am willing to be willing to be whole,
Willing to be whole in body, mind and soul.
I am willing to let go, to let go, to let go.

I am willing to be free...
I am willing to be free...
Willing to be free, to be all that I can be.
I am filling to be free, to be free, to be free.

These are the words to a song I wrote some years ago, but I still find the idea inspirational.  The process of letting go is an ongoing task for anyone on a spiritual path.  Joseph Campbell said that we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. 

If letting go is such an integral and continuing part of the unfoldment of our spiritual growth and development, then why isn't it easier?  Several reasons come to mind.  First, most of us cling to the past because of the memories we hold.  Also, many people cling to a future we ourselves have envisioned and hoped for.  Then, too, a lot of us cling to our egos, insisting things must go our way.

Letting go is a spiritual journey of adjusting our attitudes and intentions and not insisting that we be the central character in how that unfolds.  It takes great faith to let go and let God/Spirit be in charge without us being in the middle trying to orchestrate things.  In our world today, we are programmed to worry, enable, assert power, and fix things and people.  Those on a spiritual quest soon find out that this method doesn't work.  And it's true that a mind and its thoughts and tongue are hard to control, but there really is no one else in charge of that but you.  In your own mind is where you assert the power--the power of letting go!

Spirit, today I surrender to you and let go of my need to control. 
I put you in charge of my thoughts, words, and deeds,
knowing that as I let you express through me,
I will be a blessing in this world,
and I will, in turn, be blessed.

Note:  Check out this link for more on letting go of what holds you prisoner. www.prisonwithoutbars.com

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Rev. Eileen Douglas on Monday, July 11, 2011 12:05 PM
I heard Sat. from a friend and colleague, Joanna Thompson Gabriel who has a church in Miami, that she had been looking for something to use in her Sunday service that would ignite the thought of letting go of the past. When she read the lyrics to my song, she knew it was what she needed. She was going to use it in a "Jericho" walk. I can't wait to hear how it went. I often say to others, "How does it feel to be answered prayer?" And now I can answer for myself, "Great!"
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