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As we look around at our world and nation these days, there is much work to be done, and most of us wonder what to do about it....

We wonder why others don't do something, and we complain that there is no social justice in the world. Many are worried about what the future will bring for the poor, the elderly, the homeless, and the children.

What is it that makes us forget our most powerful tool for change and empowerment? Why do we pray about everything in our personal lives and then leave the larger picture to just emerge as it will?  What would happen, do you think, if we all seriously sat down daily and centered ourselves in the omnipresence and love of God and affirmed change in our political environment? 

The word "political" means "about people."  This is not just about worldly concerns that have no spiritual meaning.  This is about love, compassion, justice, and strength--all the best spiritual qualities with which we are embued that we must demonstrate in our world.  Our spiritual direction must be towards greater love and compassion, and our spiritual path must be a journey in which we all arrive at the full potential of our humanity.  Anything less will not do.

I know that in A Course in Miracles, which I have studied since the middle eighties, says that this world is not real and that our bodies are not real either, just homes for our egos which must be extinguished.  But I contend that if we cannot profess and demonstrate love for each other in this world, in these bodies, then we haven't got a chance in hell of coming to terms with being spiritual beings. This earth, this life, these bodies, these minds, are our opportunities to grow spiritually!  

Whatever we do to the least of us is done to all of us.  Whatever injustice, need, care is denied by us will be visited upon us.  Whether or not you believe in a God or Goddess of love or vengeance, in your heart you know right from wrong, and letting children starve, seniors lose their income and medical care, letting the wealthy relinquish responsibility for the welfare of all, is WRONG!  It is as wrong for a Christian as it is for a Buddhist, as wrong for an atheist as it is for a Hindu, as wrong for an Catholic as it is for a Jew.

Spirit of All, lead us down a path of love, compassion, and responsibility for each other.  Reveal to us the way of health, wealth, and prosperity for all.  Teach us to pray, knowing this is a Divine Idea whose time has come!


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