Affirmations and Denials...a clear purpose
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Affirmations and Denials...a clear purpose

When the storms of life
   surround us,
And we fear for life and
We touch the force inside
   our hearts
And strength comes from

Isn't it wonderful to pretend that if we only affirm away the negative that nothing unpleasant will ever happen to us?  That is the message some people hear when they seek spiritual direction and guidance.  But I think that if we all get real with ourselves, that's not how it seems to work in our own lives.

When Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of the Unity Movement before the turn of the century, prescribed a technique of denials and affirmations, they didn't mean to ignore what is in front of you or is involving you.  The actual practice is in Spirit and in Truth, seeing the spiritual reality and the truth therein. 

Denials are for the express purpose of cleansing one's spiritual palate, of taking away the power of the negative in your life, not denying its existence.  If someone says terrible things to you, you cannot deny that they said it, but you can deny the power of the words over you.  Then you can affirm the positive about yourself...the truth of who you are and who they are in the Real World of Spirit. 

People--and that includes all of us--say and do insane things every day, but that's not the spiritual truth of who we are.  We know that we are all children of God, whole and complete in every way, even when we are not expressing it.

Does that mean that we are to let people abuse us?  No, it means we don't enter into situations anymore that makes us available and/or accessible for abuse.  If I know who I am spiritually, I have the calm and confidence to let criticisms and negative behaviors roll right over me without impacting me in any negative way.  And I don't make myself a target for anyone's abuse.  Then in my quiet time, I can take the problem into prayer, into the Silence, wherein I feel safe to surrender the person and the problem to a Higher Power than myself.  Then I follow that spiritual guidance, not my own ego and emotions.

Even as we strive to exhibit our best and highest selves, we have to forgive our inconsistencies...those times when we react instead of taking a moment for careful response. We are spiritual beings learning to be human in these hormonal and emotional bodies.  When we remember to put our Highest Self in control, things always go much better for all concerned.

Mother/Father/Creator, we remember to turn to you for the strength and power with which you have endowed us.  May we always pause to reflect the best that we are in every situation.

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Great leaders stay positive–always. When obstacles present themselves, they are tackled head on with enthusiasm. Focusing on problems and things that are wrong is a downer.
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