Pray....And Things Happen!
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Pray....And Things Happen!

September 2011

Every Day is Your "Lucky" Day!

Lucky four leaf clover doesn't guarantee success and transformation as much as commitment, intention and willingness do.If you're already on a spiritual path, you know it isn't about "luck." 

It's about intention, commitment, and willingness.

I'd be willing to bet that most of us have wished others good luck or have felt we were at times lucky or unlucky ourselves. "Luck"is defined as "success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions" and as " chance considered as a force that causes good or bad things to happen." 

In fact, in English we often use phrases such as "The luck of the draw," "Tough luck," and "As luck would have it," conveying the idea that we are not in control of what happens to us, but that we are buffeted about by the winds of chance in the universe.

We understand that this is nonsense, but how many of us have said such things?  It permeates our language, and language posits our deepest cultural beliefs.  We know our words have power and that as we speak them they go out into the world to do our will and to create our experiences.  

What if we replaced the word luck or lucky with God or Spirit?  Would that be a powerful affirmation to keep in circulation in our world?  Let's see...

***"As GOD would have it"--sounds much IS  much better!

***"With a little bit of SPIRIT"--I like it!

***"With GOD, we'll make it."  Yes!

***"You're in GOD!"  All right now!

Monitor what you say.
Your words give your power away!
Choose carefully and
Speak purposefully,
You won't need any "good luck" today!

Sweet Spirit, let the words of my mouth an the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you and for our world.  AMEN

YOU on the Path Less Traveled

Does anyone else but me see the pattern of the letter Y?  Y stands for YOU, and that is always your point of decision.  We have free will along the spiritual path, and so the choice is always ours regarding which way to follow. 

There is a theory of parallel universes that says everything is happening at once and that we are simultaneously living out all of our choices.  With this in mind, then, does it matter which path we choose, if we're following them all anyway?

Yes, it most certainly matters, because when we receive spiritual guidance and then choose accordingly, we are then consciously aware of our chosen path.  Even though we may also be traveling along other paths simultaneously, it is the chosen path of which we are aware in the present moment.  That is where the learning takes the present moment.  This is where we evolve spiritually.  This is where we ingest the truth along our spiritual path.  This is our moment of eternity!

Sweet Spirit, when I am presented with making a choice of which path to take on my spiritual journey, let me always follow your lead.  Let me stay in this moment and learn what is mine to learn.  AMEN.

Which Path Makes All The Difference?

African paths
Everyone remembers the poem that begins, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood."  I have always pictured those two roads as autumn leaf-covered level paths winding into a sun-dappled forest.  And most of us who are consciously on a spiritual path would claim we chose the road less traveled so as to "make all the difference." 

I never thought before that perhaps the roads or paths weren't flat and easily traveled.  What if one was the high road and one was the low road?  What if both roads led uphill, but one was full of twists and turns and rocky precipices?  Which one would we choose then?  If we knew ahead of time what perils and/or promises were presented along the path we choose, would we still choose it?  What difference does it make?  All the difference, so the poet concluded.

Perhaps the difference is how we choose which path to take.  If we are  spiritually guided, then we know it is the right path, no matter what we may encounter along the way.  We know that we are never alone, and that we can trust our inner/higher source to help us make wise decisions.  And, we know that there are lessons to be learned and blessings to be gleaned from challenges. And that truly makes all the difference!

INNER GUIDE, let me have the strength to turn to you when I am faced with a decision, and let me follow you guidance, knowing you will be with me on my journey towards remembering my wholeness.  AMEN.

How To Say No...

Nancy Rose Southern

One thing in particular I remember from my time with PATH in KC was learning from Rev. Sharon how to say No from a calm and confident state of mind. She shared the information that someone took the time to count the Yes's and No's in the Bible both Old and New Testament. In Metaphysics, the Bible can be a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness from innocence to enlightenment.

Guess What?
There are 3 times as many No's as there are Yes's.

Therefore, she encouraged us to learn to say No as a way to get clearer about what our true Yes's are.  It definitely took conscious awareness to tune in to myself any time I was tempted to do something from a place of should or ought rather than a clear 'yes, this is mine to do'. As I practiced saying NO from my place of inner truth, opportunities for my true mission opened up and the YES times were so much easier to recognize.

I am grateful everyday for that teaching.

Nancy Rose Southern is an EFT Practitioner and Life Coach in Orcas Island, WA.  Her website is  Nancy was an original Trailblazer with Rev. Sharon Poindexter's PATH Ministries in Kansas City, MO, in the late 1980's.

Come Along the Path of Deeper Consciousness...

Come...into our sacred space without walls...into a state of consciousness that loves, affirms, and embraces all people as spiritual beings, made in the image and likeness of the One Presence and One Power that created us. 

So it says on our home page.  What does it mean to enter a sacred space without walls?  For each one of us it is different.  It could be an outdoor chapel with trees as walls and the sky as the ceiling.  Perhaps it is a quiet corner of the house with a comfortable chair, a candle and a seashell.  Maybe for you it is walking along the beach hearing the soft breaking of waves on the sandy shore.

Or maybe it isn't a place at all...maybe it's a state of mind around which there are no boundaries, no limits, no walls to keep us apart...where there is only I and Thou.  In such a place or state of mind as this, there is no judgement, no comparisons, no us and them...only the sacred Oneness of us all.  Only here in the holy light of wisdom do we perceive the reality of who and what we are--children of the Divine, whole and perfect and complete.

How could it be any other way?  If the Creator is perfect, and we are made in its image, then does it not follow that we too are perfect?  In A Course in Miracles, we find the affirmation, "I am as God created me."  And so it is.
Creator of it all, let me remember who and what we are, and let me walk in glory with all your creation.
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