Pray....And Things Happen!
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Pray....And Things Happen!

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Your Best Path...The Secret to Spiritual Growth

a beautiful stone pathwayI'm going to tell you a secret that not many people know...
I'll bet you think PATH only stands for Pray And Things Happen, don't you?  But there's more...
a resting place further along the path...and there PATH means--are you ready for this?

Paradigms Adjusting Towards Holiness!

Hold on to this for a few moments...
Be with it...
Let it sink in and see how it feels...

Are you ready to adjust--fine tune--your consciousness to accept that you are holy?  Are you comfortable with even feeling that inside yourself?  Can you go beyond just parroting the words and begin to feel it in the deepest part of yourself--in your heart, mind, and soul?

What does it mean to be "holy"?  Does it mean I must walk around praying or chanting all the time?  Does it mean I can never let down my hair and have some fun or be cranky once in a while?  Or does it mean knowing and accepting that I am whole and complete and I realize this sacred knowledge deep within.  

The adjustment we must make towards a new paradigm of wholeness--holiness--is to a constant awareness of who and what we really are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, every moment of our lives. 

When we know--really know and accept and operate from this knowledge--we are invincible! 

When we feel our holiness all the time everywhere, we exude all those traits that we only emulate the rest of the time.  

We are not compassionate...WE ARE COMPASSION!
We are not strong...WE ARE STRENGTH!
We are not loving...WE ARE LOVE!
We are not joyful...WE ARE JOY!

When we are centered in our own holiness, then we become carriers of and pass that on to others, without the specific intent of doing so.  Did Jesus consciously heal the woman who touched the hem of his garment?  He exuded his healing power all the time everywhere, and she needed but align herself with that energy field to be healed.

In the next few blogs, we'll be exploring how to make those adjustments to holiness.  Till then,

Universal Holiness, I know that as I accept your permanent place in my heart, my mind, my soul, and my body, I become your instrument.  I give thanks that this is so.

Fear as an Obstacle to Spiritual Growth

This was posted on my Facebook wall, and I want to applaud and affirm the person who wrote it.  Fear is the strongest obstacle standing in the way of one's spiritual growth and unfoldment.

Fear is the greatest roadblock to spiritual growth. Be willing to examine your fears - the things you keep running from, the things that cause you anxiety or tension or guilt. They are indicators of the places where you can experience your greatest leap in enlightenment. Have faith to deal with them and you will blossom. (Sherri Lane)
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